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Why we choose linear guides?

We know that linear guides are widely used in various automation fields, such as photovoltaic equipment, laser cutting, cnc machine and so on. But why we choose linear guides as their important components. Let us show you.


First, they are High precisive of positioning. Since the mode of friction between the linear guide slide and the slider block is rolling friction,the friction coefficient is minimal,which is only 1/50 of the sliding friction.The gap between the kinetic and static friction forces becomes very small, and it will not slip even in small feeds,so the positioning accuracy of the μm level can be achieved.


Slide Block Guide

Second, linear guides have  the advantages of small rolling friction resistance,simple lubrication structure,easy lubrication,good lubrication effect,and shallow abrasion of the contact surface,so that it can maintain the walking parallelism for a long time.

Laser Cutting Machine1

Third, linear guides have the optimal geometric and mechanical structure design can bear the loads in the upper,lower,left,right directions while maintaining its walking accuracy,applying pressure,and increasing the number of sliders to improve its rigidity and load capability.


Post time: May-27-2024