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high quality flange square 15mm linear bearing linear guide

Short Description:

For this linear guide model consists of 15mm linear guide rail and ball bearing linear guide, which is designed with four row single circular arc groove structure that can bear heavy load, compared to other traditional types of lm guideways. Flange or Square linear rail features with equal loading from all directions and self aligning ability, can reduce the mounting error and achieve the high precision level.

  • Model Size: 15mm
  • Brand: PYG
  • Rail Material: S55C
  • Block Material: 20 CRmo
  • Sample: available
  • Delivery time: 5-15 days
  • Precision level: C , H, P, SP, UP
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    PHGH15mm types of linear guides


    1) Self-aligning  capability

    2) Interchangeability

    3) High rigidity in all four directions

    Definition of ball linear guide:

    linear guide 15mm

    Details of Block

    Square Block

    Square type bearing linear slide, mounting type including above, bottom and both, when you don't install it on the rail, please remember to keep the false rail on it to avoid the round balls drop off.

    Flange Block

    Flange bearing linear slide uses high precision bearing steel material which can bear high load, PYG® heavy duty linear bearing slides has high clear logo print, and full dust seal system 

    Round Balls

    International standard size and high quality round steel balls, high accuracy, low noise and wear-resistant, rows of steel balls are enough and lower friction, smooth and long service life

    Details of Rail

    High rigidity bearing steel raw material, high accurate cutting, no burrs, good straight, length of high precision linear rails can be custom cut, convenient installation. PYG® high load linear bearings are interchangeable, can be replaced the slider or rail separately.

    linear guide rails
    linear guide rail

    Complete Testing Process

    We must ensure the lm guide rail quality and through the complete testing.

    Source Control

    From raw material processing to finished lm guide assembly, we insist on tracking the whole process to make customers rest assured.



    Complete dimensions for all linear slides heavy duty size see below table or download our catalog:

    linear guides 11
    linear guides 12
    Model Dimensions of Assembly (mm) Block size (mm) Dimensions of Rail (mm) Mounting bolt size for rail Basic dynamic load rating Basic static load rating weight
    Block Rail
    H N W B C L WR  HR  D   P   E   mm C (kN) C0(kN) kg Kg/m
    PHGH15CA 28 9.5 34 26 26 61.4 15 15 7.5 60 20 M4*16 11.38 16.97 0.18 1.45
    PHGW15CA 24 16 47 38 30 61.4 15 15 7.5 60 20 M4*16 11.38 16.97 0.17 1.45
    PHGW15CB 24 16 47 38 30 61.4 15 15 7.5 60 20 M4*16 11.38 16.97 0.17 1.45
    PHGW15CC 24 16 47 38 30 61.4 15 15 7.5 60 20 M4*16 11.38 16.97 0.17 1.45
    Odering Tips

    1. Before placing order, welcome to send us inquiry, to describe simply your requirements;

    2. Normal length of linear guideway from 1000mm to 6000mm, but we accept custom-made length;

    3. Block color is silver and black, if you need custom color, such as red, green, blue, this is available;

    4. We receive small MOQ and sample for quality test;

    5. If you want to become our agent, welcome to call us +86 19957316660 or send us email;

    welcome to contact us to know more details!

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