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PEGH20/PEGW20 series low profile Lm guide rail with slider block

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  • Brand: PYG
  • Model Size: 20mm
  • Rail Material: S55C
  • Delivery Time: 5-15 days
  • Sample: available
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    Brief introduction of EG series thin linear guideway:

    Are you looking for a linear guideway that combines high performance and reliability with a low assembly height? Our EG series low-profile linear guides are your best choice!

    The EG series is specifically designed to meet the needs of industries requiring compact and efficient linear motion solutions. Equipped with the latest technological advancements, this Linear Guide provides superior quality and performance at a competitive price.

    One of the main differentiating features of the EG series compared to the popular HG series is its lower assembly height. This feature enables industries with limited space to benefit from the EG Series without compromising the performance and reliability of their linear motion systems. Whether you are designing medical equipment, automated machinery or precision molds, the EG series will seamlessly meet your requirements.

    In addition to their compact design, the EG series low-profile linear guides excel in precision and motion control. Its high load capacity enables smooth, accurate motion, ensuring precise positioning in your application. The guide's ball recirculation structure enhances load distribution and reduces friction for increased reliability and longer life.

    The EG Series also utilizes state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes to ensure superior durability and performance even in demanding environments. Both the guide rail and the slider are made of high-quality steel, and have undergone advanced heat treatment process, which has excellent hardness and wear resistance.

    In addition, the EG Series low profile linear guides offer excellent customization options to meet your specific application needs. You can choose from a variety of lengths, sizes and configurations to create the perfect linear motion solution for your project.

    If you're looking for a low profile linear guide that combines a compact design with best-in-class performance, reliability and customization options, look no further than the EG series. Trust our EG Series Low Profile Linear Guides to deliver excellent results in your linear motion applications!

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    peg guide
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    Model Dimensions of Assembly (mm) Block size (mm) Dimensions of Rail (mm) Mounting bolt size for rail Basic dynamic load rating Basic static load rating weight
    Block Rail
    H N W B C L WR  HR  D   P   E   mm C (kN) C0(kN) kg Kg/m
    PEGH20SA 28 11 42 32 - 50 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 7.23 12.74 0.15 2.08
    PEGH20CA 28 11 42 32 32 69.1 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 10.31 21.13 0.24 2.08
    PEGW20SA 28 19.5 59 49 - 50 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 7.23 12.74 0.19 2.08
    PEGW20CA 28 19.5 59 49 32 69.1 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 10.31 21.13 0.32 2.08
    PEGW20SB 28 19.5 59 49 - 50 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 7.23 12.74 0.19 2.08
    PEGW20CB 28 19.5 59 49 32 69.1 20 15.5 9.5 60 20 M5*16 10.31 21.13 0.32 2.08
    Odering Tips

    1. Before placing order, welcome to send us inquiry, to describe simply your requirements;

    2. Normal length of linear guideway from 1000mm to 6000mm, but we accept custom-made length;

    3. Block color is silver and black, if you need custom color, such as red, green, blue, this is available;

    4. We receive small MOQ and sample for quality test;

    5. If you want to become our agent, welcome to call us +86 19957316660 or send us email;

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