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PRGH30CA/PRGW30CA roller bearing sliding rail guides linear motion guideway

Short Description:

Linear guide is consisted of rail, block, rolling elements, retainer, reverser, end seal etc. By using the rolling elements, such as rollers between the rail and block, the linear guide can achieve high precision linear motion. Linear guide block is divided into flange type and square type , Standard type block, Double bearing type block, Short type block. Also, linear block is divided to high load capacity with standard block length and ultra high load capacity with longer block length.

  • Brand: PYG
  • Model Size: 30mm
  • Rail Material: S55C
  • Block Material: 20 CRmo
  • Sample: available
  • Delivery time: 5-15 days
  • Precision level: C , H, P, SP, UP
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    linear motion guide way

    Linear guides, also known as linear guideway, sliding guides and linear slides, including guide rail and sliding block, it is used to support and guide the moving parts to make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. Mainly used in high-precision or high-speed linear reciprocating motion applications, can bear a certain torque, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load.

    Package & Delivery

    We will make professional packing with carton box and wooden box, to protect the linear motion guide rail from damage, and We will choose the appropriate mode of transportation to deliver the goods to you, we can also make the package and the delivery according to your demands.
    linear rail
    10mm linear rail
    linear guideway_副本

    Material Quality

    Quality Assurance

    Super Support



    Safety Delivery


    Product Details

    PRG series slider and rail are different from balls series, rolling elements are rollers, which can bear higher rigidity.

    Advantages of our linear guide blocks

    1. Low price ,much cheaper than the wholesaler.

    2. Good quality, our factory quality control is guaranteed, very cost-effective
    3. Fast delivery, sent directly from the factory warehouse

    4. A full range of products, not only guide guide, but also can supply ball screw, linear shaft, linear bearings and rod end bearings etc..
    5. 20 years export experience, good team.we can help you find any bearings in China. and supply technical adviser.
    guideway rail3
    linear guideway 2
    linear guideway 12

    For PRGW30 / PRGW30 series linear motion rolling guides, we can know the definition of each code as follows:

    Take size 30 for example:

    linear guideway

    PRGW-CA / PRGW-HA block and rail type



    Block Shape

    Height (mm)

    Rail Mounting from Top

    Rail Length (mm)

    Square block PRGW-CAPRGW-HA img-4







    • Automation system
    • Heavy transportation equipment
    • CNC processing machine
    • Heavy cutting machines
    • CNC Grinding machines
    • Injection molding machine
    • Electric discharge machines
    • Big gantry machines

    Safety Package

    oil and waterproof plastic package for each roller bearing linear guide and then carton box or wooden frame.

    Raw Material

    we control types of linear slides quality from raw material source to finished product before delivery.

    Favorable Comment for linear roller rail

    Many customers arrived at the factory, they inspected the linear rail types in factory and are satisfied with our factory, the quality of linear rail set and our services .

    we have

    1 Product Patent
    2 Factory price, great service and quality.
    3 20 Years after-sales warranty.
    4 Customized quantity of linear guide block for each rail.

    5 Customized length of linear guide rail
    6 Customized Logo, Packing, Model Number, etc
    linear rail mgn12

    High quality-QC for linear rail block

    1. QC department to control quality for each step.

    2. High precision production equipments, such as Chiron FZ16W ,DMG MORI MAX4000 Machining Centers , control precision automatically.

    3. ISO9001:2008 quality control system


    Linear Motion Rail Guide Dimensions

    Complete dimensions for roller bearing linear guide rails as follows:

    guideway rail14_副本
    guideway rail15
    Model Dimensions of Assembly (mm) Block size (mm) Dimensions of Rail (mm) Mounting bolt size for rail Basic dynamic load rating Basic static load rating weight
    Block Rail
    H N W B C L WR  HR  D   P   E   mm C (kN) C0(kN) kg Kg/m
    PRGH30CA 45 16 60 40 40 109.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 39.1 82.1 0.9 4.41
    PRGH30HA 45 16 60 40 60 131.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 48.1 105 1.16 4.41
    PRGL30CA 42 16 60 40 40 109.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 39.1 82.1 0.9 4.41
    PRGL30HA 42 16 60 40 40 131.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 48.1 105 1.16 4.41
    PRGW30CC 42 31 90 72 52 109.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 39.1 82.1 1.16 4.41
    PRGW30HC 42 31 90 72 52 131.8 28 28 14 40 20 M8*25 48.1 105 1.52 4.41
    Odering Tips

    1. Before placing order, welcome to send us inquiry, to describe simply your requirements;

    2. Normal length of linear guideway from 1000mm to 6000mm, but we accept custom-made length;

    3. Block color is silver and black, if you need custom color, such as red, green, blue, this is available;

    4. We receive small MOQ and sample for quality test;

    5. If you want to become our agent, welcome to call us +86 19957316660 or send us email;

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