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PHGH65/PHGW65 Heavy Load ball bearings lm precision slide assembly rails

Short Description:

Linear guides are widely used in various automation fields, such as photovoltaic equipment, laser cutting, cnc machine and so on. We choose linear guides as their important components. Since the mode of friction between the linear guide slide and the slider block is rolling friction,the friction coefficient is minimal,which is only 1/50 of the sliding friction.The gap between the kinetic and static friction forces becomes very small, and it will not slip even in small feeds,so the positioning accuracy of the μm level can be achieved.

  • Model Size: 65mm
  • Brand: PYG
  • Rail Material: S55C
  • Block Material: 20 CRmo
  • Sample: available
  • Delivery time: 5-15 days
  • Precision level: C , H, P, SP, UP
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    PHG  series  linear motion guide rail are  designed  with  load  capacity  and  rigidity  higher  than  other  similar  products  with circular-arc groove and structure optimization. It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error. Thus, PYG®  HG series linear guideways can achieve a long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.


    (1) Self-aligning capability By design, the circular-arc groove has contact points at 45 degrees. PHG series can absorb most installation errors due to surfaceirregularities and provide smooth linear motion through the elastic deformation of rolling elements and the shift of contact points. Self-aligning capability, high accuracy and smooth operation can be obtained with an easy installation.
    (2) Interchangeability
    Because of precision dimensional control, the dimensional tolerance of PHG series can be kept in a reasonable range, which means that any blocks and any rails in a specific series can be used together while maintaining dimensional tolerance. And a retainer is added to prevent the balls from falling out when the blocks are removed from the rail.
    (3) High rigidity in all four directions
    Because  of  the  four-row  design,  the  HG  series  linear  guideway  has  equal  load  ratings  in  the  radial,  reverse  radial and lateral directions. Furthermore, the circular-arc groove provides a wide-contact width between the balls and the groove raceway allowing large permissible loads and high rigidity

    Demonstration of the PHG65mm linear guide

    1)machine centers
    2)cnc lathes
    3)grinding machines
    4)precision machining machines
    5)heavy cutting machines
    6)automation devices

    PHGW65CA/PHGH65CA Linear Guideway Details

    guideway rail2
    guideway rail4
    linear guide rail6

    PYG® company is the team full of vitality and unlimited creativity, we are like family members, joint efforts, friendship and mutual assistance, for our common goal to struggle together.


    Construction of Linear Guides:
    Rolling circulation system: Block, Rail, End Cap and Retainer
    Lubrication system: Grease Nipple and Piping Joint
    Dust protection system: End Seal, Bottom Seal, Bolt Cap, Double Seals and Scarper


    We adopt a vertical business model, factory to factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn the difference, to give customers the greatest benefits !

    hgr20 linear rail_
    hgh20 linear rail

    The advantage of our service

    Pre-sale: Customer service will be 24 hours online, every customer survice staff is professional trained ,so that we can provide you with product and technical advice at any time.

    In-sale:According to the contract, we will deliver the product safely and quickly to the customer's designated location within the specified time.

    After-sale:The product will enter the after-sales stage after acceptance, we have set a independent after-sales service department responsible for technical consultation, problem solving, fault maintenance and other work during the use of customer products. We promise that any quality problems with our products can be responded to within 3 hours and dealt with properly.

    Packing & Delivery

    1) When the order is large, we use wooden cases as the outer packing and oil and waterproof plastic bags as the inner packing

    2)When the order  is small, we use cardboard packaging, products with oil and waterproof plastic bags as the inner packaging

    3)As your requirement

    guideway rail14_副本
    guideway rail15
    Model Dimensions of Assembly (mm) Block size (mm) Dimensions of Rail (mm) Mounting bolt size for rail Basic dynamic load rating Basic static load rating weight
    Block Rail
    H N W B C L WR  HR  D   P   E   mm C (kN) C0(kN) kg Kg/m
    PHGH65CA 90 31.5 126 76 70 200.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 213.2 287.48 7 21.18
    PHGH65HA 90 31.5 126 76 120 259.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 277.8 420.17 9.82 21.18
    PHGW65CA 90 53.5 170 142 110 200.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 213.2 287.48 9.17 21.18
    PHGW65HA 90 53.5 170 142 110 259.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 277.8 420.17 12.89 21.18
    PHGW65CB 90 53.5 170 142 110 200.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 213.2 287.48 9.17 21.18
    PHGW65HB 90 53.5 170 142 110 259.6 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 277.8 420.17 12.89 21.18
    PHGW65CC 90 53.5 170 142 110 200.2 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 213.2 287.48 9.17 21.18
    PHGW65HC 90 53.5 170 142 110 259.6 63 53 26 150 35 M16*50 277.8 420.17 12.89 21.18
    Odering Tips

    1. Before placing order, welcome to send us inquiry, to describe simply your requirements;

    2. Normal length of linear guideway from 1000mm to 6000mm, but we accept custom-made length;

    3. Block color is silver and black, if you need custom color, such as red, green, blue, this is available;

    4. We receive small MOQ and sample for quality test;

    5. If you want to become our agent, welcome to call us +86 19957316660 or send us email.

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