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Linear Guide Block

  • Long Block type guideway

    Long Block type guideway

    Long linear blocks feature a sleek and compact design that maximizes efficiency and optimizes the use of available space. With its long slider, it offers longer travel distances, allowing for greater distances of seamless motion without compromising precision. This innovative design also minimizes friction and noise, ensuring quiet, friction-free operation for an enhanced user experience.

  • Standard linear guide block

    Standard linear guide block

    Linear rail  block with clipper The slider is able to convert the curved motion into a linear motion, and a good guide rail system can make the machine tool get faster feed speed. At the same speed, rapid feed is characteristic of linear guides. Since the linear guide is so useful, what is the role of the linear rail block play? 1. The driving rate is reduced, because the linear guide rail movement friction is small, as long as there is little power can make the machine move, ...