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Customized length s55c guide rail

Short Description:

  • Brand: PYG
  • Rail length: can be customized
  • Material: S55C
  • Sample: Available
  • Delivery time: 5-15 days
  • Precision level: C , H, P, SP, UP
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    Linear motion guide rail  

    We know that the linear guide rail slider is mainly composed of sliders and guide rails, linear guide rails, also known as linear rails, slide rails, linear guide rails, linear slide rails, used in linear return vivid occasions, and may bear a certain torque, can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load conditions.

    A good guide rail system should be have a good combination of sliding block and sliding rail. In order to achieve smooth operation, the material and working accuracy of the guide rail must be meet the standards.

    Pengyin Technology has accumulated technology with years of experience, the guide rail uses the raw material S55C steel, which is a high quality medium carbon steel, has good stability and long service life,With the help of advanced technology, the accuracy of running parallelism  can reach 0.002mm that can easily replace similar Japanese,Korean and Bay products.

    linear rail 2

    steel linear rail length can be customized

    We can produce rail length based on customers' requirements, such as over 6m, we will use jointed rail which through end surface grinding with advanced equipment. Jointed rail should be installed by the arrow sign and ordinal number which is marked on the surface of each rail.

    For matched pair, jointed rails, the jointed positions should be staggered. This will avoid accuracy problems due to discrepancies between the 2 rails.

    jointed rail

    Order Instructions Size of  linear rail 

     Note: The figure below is the size you need to provide when you purchasing, so that we can produce the products that meet your requirements.

    linear rail-4
    distance to end(E) custom dia of rail(WR) 15mm、20mm、25mm、30mm、35mm、45mm、55mm、65mm
    Bolting method mounting from bottom or above bolt size of rail M8*25/M4*16/M5*16/M6*20/M16*50/M14*45
    material of rail s55c length of rail(L) custom(50-6000mm)

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