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The advantages of PYG raw material workshop

As a professional linear guides manufacturer, PYG have our own raw material workshop which ensure quality control strat from the source.


Duiring raw material process, PYG ensure the linear guide and block surface smooth and flat, require the dimension of block ±0.05mm,and there should be no rust, no distortion or no pit.

We also ensure the straightness of rail by feeler gauge and the torsion should be ≤0.15mm, and keep the hardness of guide rail within HRC60 degree ±2 degrees. make sure the section dimensions not exceed ±0.05mm.


The owning of raw material workshop bring us many advantages include high quality of raw material, controlling every details from source, shortening the producing cycle, the capability to mass produce high precision products with competitive price.

Post time: Jun-17-2024