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Teach you four methods to avoid linear guide rust.

It is inevitable to encounter the phenomenon of rust in linear guide motion. Especially in the hot summer, direct contact with the linear guide rail after the operator's hands sweat may also lead to rust of the guideway. How should we try to avoid the surface rust of linear guide rails in daily use?

1, to prevent the guide rust need to keep the surface of the linear guide clean. The method of regular cleaning needs to be selected according to the nature of the surface of the anti-rust object and the conditions of use. After the surface is dried and cleaned, blow dry with pure compressed air or dry with a dryer at 120 ° C ~170 ° C or dry with clean gauze and then draw anti-rust oil;

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2, the pH of the human sweat is between 5 and 6, showing weak acidity, usually colorless or light yellow liquid, containing sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium salts and a small amount of urea, lactic acid and citric acid, once the sweaty hands contact the metal surface of the linear guide will form a layer of sweat film on the metal surface, this layer of sweat film will occur electrochemical reaction with the metal. Cause certain corrosion of metal. Therefore, hands should not contact the linear guide rail, when holding the linear guide rail, you need to wear clean gloves, finger covers or other special tools;

3, the linear guide will appear rust phenomenon, is the user for the use of linear guide is not enough to understand. Generally speaking, the manufacturer will apply a layer of anti-rust oil on the linear guide before it leaves the factory to protect the linear guide from rust. When many users place the linear guide in the warehouse, they will ignore to regularly re-put a layer of anti-rust oil, and the protection ability of the linear guide does not exist after the anti-rust oil is volatilized at the factory. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly lubricate and maintain the linear guide rail.

4, if the linear guide must be exposed and in direct contact with the outside air, dust, etc., we need to improve the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, with a clean, dust-free special rag to wipe the grease on the guide rail and external dust impurities, clean up and then apply lubricating oil or grease. Regular maintenance and maintenance can make the linear guide rail and mechanical equipment run stably for a long time.

If your linear guide often appears rust phenomenon, may wish to try the above methods.

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Post time: Nov-10-2023