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Cleaning and maintenance of ball screw

Today, PYG will explain the cleaning and maintenance of the ball screw. If there are people using the screw in our article, please read this article carefully. It will be a very professional dry goods to share.

Stainless steel ball screw should be used in a clean environment, and used together with a dust cover, etc., to avoid dust and powder chips into the ball screw. If dust and powder enter the ball screw due to poor dust prevention, it will not only exacerbate the decline in the function of the ball screw, but also sometimes block due to dust and other reasons, so that the circulation parts are damaged, resulting in serious accidents such as workbench fall off.

Maintenance of stainless steel ball screw:

(1) Poor lubrication of ball screw can cause errors of various feed movements of CNC machine tools at the same time, therefore, ball screw lubrication is the main content of daily maintenance, and the use of lubricants can improve the wear resistance and transmission efficiency of ball screw.

(2) Regularly check whether the connection between the lead screw support and the bed is loose, whether the connection is damaged, and the working state and lubrication state of the lead screw support bearing.

(3) The protection device should be avoided in the work, and the protection device should be replaced in time if it is damaged.

Although the stainless steel ball screw prevents the corrosion of the screw to a certain extent, it is the same as other rolling friction transmission components, and hard dust should be avoided during use.. Therefore, in the installation, there must be a protective device.

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Post time: Nov-20-2023