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PYG use the best ideas, the highest quality to serve your wonderful exhibition.

The 17th Vietnam International Industrial Equipment and Supporting Exhibition is a highly anticipated event, showcasing the latest developments in the field of industrial machinery and equipment. As one of the largest industry events in Vietnam, it brings together key players, manufacturers and suppliers from various fields to explore cutting-edge technologies and establish productive business contacts.So ,PYG as a professional linear guide manufacturer,we  are coming!We bring a certain number of linear guide rails, for the sincerely customers, we will give samples for free, a total of back to use, feel the charm of PYG guide motion.

At the 17th Vietnam International Industrial Equipment and Ancillary Exhibition, participants will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the revolutionary technologies that are shaping the industrial landscape. Whether it's automation, robotics, machinery or digital transformation, the exhibition promises to offer a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and its endless possibilities. And these industries, all use the linear guide rail precision parts, so PYG with our guide rail to come, PYG as a precision technology manufacturer with 20 years of production of guide rail, of course, we sincerely invite you to visit our booth, we will take 200% sincerity to show you our rail linear.

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The 17th Vietnam International Industrial Equipment and Supporting Exhibition will be an extraordinary event, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and professionals from all over the world. From showcasing breakthrough technologies and nurturing new business relationships to gaining knowledge and insights, this exhibition offers an experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Get ready to be a part of this fascinating journey that unlocks the endless possibilities of the world of industrial innovation.

We will be at Booth L19, Hall A1, Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from November 15th to 17th!!! 

If you have the idea to visit our exhibition but can not find our contact person, please contact our backstage, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Post time: Nov-13-2023