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Discountable price Genuine PYG Silver Slider Bearing Linear Bearing Sliding Block Bearing

Short Description:

  • Brand: PYG
  • Size: 15、20、25、30、35、45、55、65
  • Block Material: 20 CRmo
  • Sample: Available
  • Delivery time: 5-15 days
  • Precision level: C , H, P, SP, UP
  • Lubrication: Grease,Oil
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    Linear rail  block with clipper

    The slider is able to convert the curved motion into a linear motion, and a good guide rail system can make the machine tool get faster feed speed. At the same speed, rapid feed is characteristic of linear guides. Since the linear guide is so useful, what is the role of the linear rail block play?

    linear guide with clipper

    linear guide2

    1. The driving rate is reduced, because the linear guide rail movement friction is small, as long as there is little power can make the machine move, the driving rate is reduced, and the heat generated by friction is more suitable for high-speed, frequent start and reversing movement.
    2. High action accuracy, the movement of the linear guide rail is achieved by rolling, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to one-fiftieth of the sliding guide, but also the gap between the dynamic static friction resistance will become very small, so as to achieve stable movement, reduce shock and vibration, can achieve positioning, which is conducive to improving the response speed and sensitivity of the CNC system.
    3. Simple structure, easy installation, high interchangeability, the size of the linear guide rail can be kept within the relative range, the slide rail installation screw hole error is small, easy to replace, install the oil injection ring on the slider, can directly supply oil, can also be connected to the oil pipe automatic oil supply, so that the machine loss is reduced, can maintain high-precision work for a long time.

    Pengyin Technology has accumulated technology with years of experience, and its linear guides have high precision and strong rigidity, which can easily replace similar Japanese, Korean and Bay products.

    Block types:

    There are two types of block: flange and square,the flange type is suitable for heavy moment  load application because of the lower assembly height and wider mounting surface.

    Advantage of sliders

    1. Our linear guide blocks  are equipped with appropriate clipper to reduce friction and prevent steel balls from falling, so that ensure  the machine can operate more safe  and stable,

    2. For special working conditions, our slides can also be made in high temperature and corrosion resistant styles;

    3. Our sliders are interchangeable,If you only need to replace the slider, tell us the size you need and we can match it well for you.

    High temperature linear guides

    linear guide specification-2

    Surface coating linear guide-corrosion resistant

    linear guide specification-1

    Order Precautions

    1. It is necessary to provide  us  the corresponding  data  Or  drawings when you purchasing, then we will recommend to you.

    2. If you have special requirements, such as extending the length of the slider, please inform us in advance

    linear guide specification



    Odering Tips

    1. Before placing order, welcome to send us inquiry, to describe simply your requirements;

    2. Normal length of linear guideway from 1000mm to 6000mm, but we accept custom-made length;

    3. Block color is silver and black, if you need custom color, such as red, green, blue, this is available;

    4. We receive small MOQ and sample for quality test;

    5. If you want to become our agent, welcome to call us +86 19957316660 or send us email;

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