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PYG has many years of experience in linear guide rail , can provide a variety of high quality linear guide rail, so that our products can be really used in different industry fields and provide the integrated solution for the automation industry

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In order to meet the needs of semiconductor application industry, PYG linear guide is designed and launched a variety of series and size of high precision linear guide, suitable for vacuum, clean, high temperature, corrosive environment, according to the different needs of customers can choose different series, to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

PYG linear guide rail has the characteristics of stable operation, high precision, high load and long service life. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, repeatable activities with high accuracy can be achieved. It is widely used in chip processing and mobile devices.

● Mechatronic equipment
● Pick and place machines
● Die bonders
● Metrology tools
● Chip mounters


Medical Devices

In the process of medical device use, the accuracy of motion control will directly affect the success of a project.Unlike other common industries, medical devices need to deal with many special environments, such as sometimes working in a sterile environment or eliminating mechanical interference.  In surgical robots, imaging equipment, and many other medical devices, medical device is required to provide stable and seamless movement to assist in more delicate surgeries or procedures.PYG has a range of precise and durable linear motion systems to help meet a wide variety of specific medical needs

Linear guides can provide continuous and stable motion, PYG can provide norm high-precision linear slides and miniature linear guides to meet the needs of different device. norm slides are often used in the sliding system of hospital beds and testing instruments, such as MRI machines and CT scanners. miniature guides can be used in liquid dispensing, 3D bio-printer and other equipment.

The main application of linear guide rail in medical equipment:

● CT scanners
● MRI machines
● Medical beds
● Surgical robots
● 3D bioprinters
● Liquid dispensing machinery



Automation is developing rapidly. Compared with manual operation, automation can reduce the risk caused by human improper operation and support employees to perform high-risk and highly repetitive tasks safely and efficiently with the aid of automated equipment. In the whole process of automation, control components play a vital role, the use of high-precision, high-stability components can undoubtedly greatly promote the improvement of work efficiency.

With the help of linear motion system, manufacturers can change a large number of production procedures from manual to automatic processes, such as production, assembly, classification, packaging, etc. In response to different production needs, PYG can provide different sizes and series to help customers choose the most appropriate guide rails.

● Automobile manufacturing equipment

● Lab automation

● Electrical appliances

● Printers and presses


Machine tools

When selecting motion components for CNC machines, complex motion requirements must be met while ensuring that the equipment can provide accurate and stable operation. PYG's high load linear bearing system provides the high accuracy, high load capacity, and long service life required for machine tool operation. We believe it will help improve your production efficiency.

● CNC lathe

● Modular machining center machine tool

● Grinding machine

● Milling machine

● Lens polishing machine


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Reliability is of Paramount importance in the automotive industry, and our products are characterized by high rigidity, high load bearing capacity,PYG heavy load linear guide which is designed with four row single circular arc groove structure that can bear heavy load, compared to other traditional types of lm guideways. Square linear rail features with equal loading from all directions and self aligning ability, can reduce the mounting error and achieve the high precision level. and our services ensure safe and fast delivery.You can completely trust PYG.

● Stamping plants

● Welding lines for chassis and frames

● Jigs, chucking and testing fixtures

● Test and measurement

● Assembly fixtures for tooling


PYG committed to building world-class linear guideway and providing integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing.


Woodworking : balls linear guide model 15 ~ 35 , high dust proof

Laser industry: balls linear guide model 15~55, high precision

Wire cutting: balls linear guide model 15 ~55 or roller linear model 15 ~55

Gantry equipment : roller linear motion model 55~65

Photovoltaic equipment: miniature linear guide model 9 ~15 Medical machinery: miniature linear guide model 9~15

CNC machine: roller linear guide model 35 ~45