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Do you know all the common questions about sliders?

PYG integrates three background customers to ask more questions, here to make a unified response to everyone, hoping to bring useful knowledge to everyone who uses lm guide rail..

1.After using for a period of time, it was found that the guide rail had indentation and the slide steel ball was broken. What is the reason?

The main reason is overload, the separation of the steel ball from the track, resulting in the fracture of the steel ball and the damage of the track connection. It can be used to replace larger sliders, increase the number of sliders, reduce external loads, and change the installation mode to reduce unilateral stress. If the cause is lubrication, try using lubricating oil to increase the amount of lubricating oil and shorten the lubrication period. Always check for foreign objects. In case of foreign body intrusion, the sealing attachment must be improved.

2.Why does the ball fall off and flake after the slider is used for a period of time?

The steel ball is damaged by iron filings peeling from the bead groove, and the service life is terminated, resulting in fatigue and overload of the iron surface. Possible causes are excessive load, incorrect installation, or unidirectional stress.

3.After the slider moves for a period of time, it is found that the end cover and dust cover are deformed or broken.

The wrong installation method will only cause one side stress between the linear block and the track, or cause the end cover and dust cover to deform or break due to the influence of external forces. If the slider is defective, you can replace the dust-proof system, improve the lubricating oil, increase the amount of lubricating oil, and shorten the lubrication interval. During the installation process, attention should be paid to the optimization of the installation Angle and product configuration. Professional installation is required to avoid damaging the guide slider.

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Post time: Nov-06-2023